Thinking of buying a Young Living diffuser? Congratulations, you’re on the right track to getting the best out of your essential oils.

Compared to other methods of using essential oils, diffusion is so much easier and more efficient. That’s even truer if you have the best diffuser. Your only task will be filling it with water and adding a few drops of your favorite essential oils. The device will break down the oils into molecules that you can inhale and your body can absorb easily.

On the topic of the best diffuser, Young Living’s range of diffusers are arguably the best in the market today. Each unit combines an elegant, attractive design with top-notch performance to ensure that other than offering unmatched aromatherapy, it also adds some aesthetic value to your home, office or car.

But with 10+ models to choose from, how do you know the most suitable Young Living diffuser for you?

Run time

Young Living Diffuser DewIdeally, your diffuser should be able to run for as many hours as you need it to. Young Living’s diffusers have varying run times and time settings for you to choose how long you want it to run. In case your decision will be based on this then you may want to know that YL’s Bamboo and Dewdrop diffusers can run for 4 hours (the Bamboo has a 1 hour setting).
The USB Orb has a run time of 4.5 hours while the Rainstone has an 8-hour run time (with 5 time settings – 1, 2, 3, 6 and 8 hours). With its 10-hour run time, the Aroma Lux can disperse mist for the longest time.


Every Young Living diffuser is designed to disperse essential oils within a particular area. Some are meant for small rooms while others can be used in a large room or more than one room.
For example, while the Home diffuser is perfect for a small room, the Dewdrop is suitable for a mid-sized room and Aroma Lux can serve either a large room or set of rooms very effectively. Be sure to check whether your preferred model will cover the space you want.


One of the best things about Young Living is that they have something for every budget. For instance, while the USB Orb diffuser goes for $33.88, the Aria Ultrasonic will cost you up to $296.05.

If you are on a tight budget you could consider the USB Orb, but if you have enough funds it wouldn’t hurt to get the Aria. After all it does pack some very impressive features and the classiest design.

There are many other options in-between. The Home and Dewdrop diffusers costs $83.88 each, the Bamboo diffuser goes for $111.51 and the Rainstone will set you back $223.36. So you don’t need to break the bank to get a good unit, simply choose what you afford.

Other factors

Other things to keep in mind include the noise produced, LED lights and the aesthetic appeal of the diffuser. Obviously you don’t want a noisy unit, especially if you will be using it in a bedroom.
LED lights can be very relaxing. If you are one of those who feel more at ease when a smooth LED light is on you can also choose a unit with a variety of lights.

Finally, Young Living’s diffusers come in all kind of shapes and designs. It would be nice if you match your diffuser with your home’s interior décor.