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Gynecomastia surgery payment planFinancing for the gynecomastia surgery can tend to be very costly for an average person; this is because the various insurance covers do not cover the gynecomastia unless you take an insurance specifically for the procedure, which is not a nice option. This makes finding the money to carry out the procedure very costly thus people tend to suffer with the condition in silence and finding other methods of solving the problem like buying compression shirts. This is why the cost of gynecomastia is one of the most asked question all over the world.

How much it cost

The surgery has so many costs making it very expensive to the average person. The surgery is classified as a cosmetic procedure as one having enlarged breasts does not have any health concerns. The cost of the surgery depends on certain factors like the type of the hospital you want it done, the profile the surgeon you want to operate on you have and any additional procedure that may be required like blood imaging. The surgery cost is an average of $5000 to $1000, which for a normal man tends to be expensive. In addition, there will be additional costs of maintaining the surgery after it is done because you will need medications like anti-bacterial and painkillers, which add up these costs.

There are different factors that are paid for while undergoing this procedure, which makes up the total cost of the surgery. These factors include:

  • Surgeon Fees- this is the fee paid directly to the surgeon who does your procedure. As discussed above the fee for the surgeon depends on the profile of the surgeon and how well he or she is known for doing these procedures.
  • Anesthesia- the surgery requires one to be sedated so that he or she cannot feel the pain and so that you can remain still. These anesthesia people are paid for their work and for using the anesthesia, which requires to be purchased.
  • Lab tests- you will require to undergo several tests to determine whether you are fit to undergo the procedure. To do these tests you will require paying the lab guys some money so that they can do this.
  • Compression shirts- after undergoing the surgery you will be required to buy the compression shirts which helps to apply pressure on the point where the surgery was done. This will require some money they range from $100 to $500.

Payment Options

The high cost of gynecomastia surgery means you need to prepare for the procedure in time you will need to find the payments for the procedure some of these sources include: one’s own savings, third party contributions like your friends, and taking a gynecomastia surgery insurance.