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Back pain is becoming more common in younger people which in a lot of ways is very surprising. Labour is generally a lot less physical than it used to be as the internet and computer age has replaced the need for manual labour. However long days sitting on uncomfortable chairs in front of PCs has led to people between 20-60 years old having more back issues than ever.

Long days and tough jobs are putting more pressure and strain on our bodies and often our backs are what bare the brunt of this. This is bad in a number of ways because back problem can lead to greater issues and makes full mobility impossible.

Expensive specialists aren’t always effective and are a luxury that most of us can’t afford. Essential oils are already being used as home treatment for many illnesses and the natural alternatives are incredibly popular. There are now a number of essential oils available for back pain which have the benefit of being cheap, readily available and effective.

Causes of Back Pain

Back pain varies from person to person on how serious it can be. Often a small twinge we can shake off, but sometimes we can barely stand from the strain. Back pain is often caused by our back muscles being strained too much during our daily lives. The layers of muscle on our back (specifically the lower back) are put under stress when we try and lift too much. Heavy weight combined with bad technique can lead to damage which causes shooting pain. Often this will heal on it’s own and not have a long term impact, but occasionally it can be more severe.

Spinal cord injuries are pretty much the worst thing that can happen to our backs. The discs that protect our nervous system which transports signals from the brain to the body can be forced out of place. This can lead to them putting strain on the sciatic nerve causing very intense pain.

Similarly slipping a disc on our back can cause a great amount of pain. Ordinary movements can cause a slipped disk, and after it’s been done once it can happen more frequently.

Chronic or fleeting back pain will affect most of us throughout our lives. While medical professionals can provide cures and advice, essential oils can be used to help out with the healing process.

The Best Essential Oils for Back Pain

Specific essential oils have been linked to helping with back pain, and specialists have created a number of blends designed to alleviate any pain or discomfort in our back muscles. When searching for essential oils for back pain you should look out for:

  • Eucalyptus (Globulus)

One of the oldest and most respected ingredients in healing, Eucalyptus is used in essential oils to ease any kind of muscle or joint pain. By reducing stress in muscles it helps your whole body relax and move freely, aiding in the recovery process. With a pleasant scent Eucalyptus has been shown to be one of the most powerful essential oil ingredients.

  • Marjoram

Perhaps a less well known essential oil, marjoram has been associated with relieving muscle pain for a long time. It works by soothing the body and relaxing muscles It is warming and removes muscle tension. It also acts as an anti inflammatory, helping with a speedy recovery.

Both of these ingredients are known to help with any kind of back pain and work to prevent any muscle pain in the future. For more information on the best essential oils check out our full list of Back Pain Remedies