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The best router table 2017 can help make routing safer, control wood dust and quiet a router. It provides a study and steady platform to do accurate edging and complex shaping. A high quality router table can also efficiently handle eighty percent of your routing. Having a router table is particularly beneficial if you are interested in woodworking. You can also make your own router table if you are fond of DIY jobs.

Bosch RA1181 benchtop router tableThe router table may have a router lift that allows you to adjust the router with ease, two drawers for accessories and wrenches, an on/off switch, casters for maneuvering the table easily, router bit storage for different size router bits and enough storage for a portable router. It can also have a drop down window that allows you to access a fixed base router. If you don’t have time to build a router table, you can always buy one in local stores or online.

Table Top

The router table top must be stable and flat in order for you to do quality work. There are tables with a high-pressure laminate top. These tables don’t collect a lot of sawdust, so you can get one if you want to keep your workstation clean.

Insert Plate

You can find a wide range of router plates. Some may not find the snap-out rings easy to use. These rings are not very user-friendly, so you may want to look for another option if you are a beginner. Some of these router insert plates also sag over time. You won’t get a precise cut if that happens. Try to get a 3/8-inch solid aluminum ring with inserts that can be easily changed. They also stay flat, so you can exchange the inserts with ease. Inserts that accept PC guide bushings are a good option. Different size inserts are ideal for bigger router bits. Once in a while, you will find these components on sale.

You can also make templates to mount router plates. Just place a two two-sided sticky tape on your insert plate and mount it to a ¼-inch tempered hardboard. An inlay bearing kit can then be used in reverse. You now have a template that you can use to make new templates. Clamp or tape the template to a ¾-inch MDF or plywood and then place the bearing on the inlay kit. Route the ¾-inch plywood and you now have a copy of the insert plate. Put the insert plate in your preferred spot. Using a different template guide will help you cut the ½-inch ledge to support your insert plate.

Router Table Fence

You should also consider the router table fence when looking for a router table. It should easily adjust and clamp to table. The router table fence should offer repeatability, straightness and zero-deflection. It should also be able to collect dust or wood chips.

The best router table 2017 will make woodworking projects easier to do. If you can’t build a router table, just choose from the large selection of router tables available today.